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Rotational grazing optimizes land productivity by alternating crops or livestock throughout the year.

Quick, easy
and intelligent
Patriot Solar Energizer
Seamless integration

Rotate crops and animals throughout the year for greater grazing productivity. Easy set up and portability allow you to effortlessly move animals for pasture grazing, and to keep your livestock safe until sale. 

Trusted expertise

Our highly respected and loved fencing brands have been gracing farms around the world for decades, carving an international reputation for performance and durability and weathering the test of time in harsh conditions.

Smart economics

A sustainable, cost-effective solution, temporary fencing requires minimal wood, fewer wires than traditional fencing, and can utilise solar energy. Our temporary fencing materials make rotational grazing easy and efficient.

The Datamars electric fencing products perform great and are super reliable because the cattle respect the quality. We've been really happy seeing how they hold up.

Garrett — Texas, USA

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Our ecosystem

Datamars Livestock offers a complete solution to livestock management. Our integrated range of leading product brands are tried, tested and trusted by producers around the world.